Transferring products directly to new markets may sound like a good idea – taking an opportunity in a new market, accessing potential for growth for a business. How can we be sure that the new market wants the product or service? Has it been adapted to suit the new needs and environments? Making sure the products or services are designed to specifically meet the needs of the new and emerging market is the first and most important aspect of ensuring successful application.

Minor adaptations may not be enough. The concept of innovation provokes the idea of adapting, testing and taking ideas to new places, in a better and more targeted way. Properly serving new problems, markets and people in their everyday lives.

IDEO, a design and innovation company, has taken this idea to new boundaries with its innovative approach to social design. Design that matters to people, targeting and adapting to specific needs and markets. It sounds obvious, but there are so many cases where poorly thought out entrants to new markets fail or have negative knock on impacts through the lack of systems thinking and targeted design.

Tim Brown the CEO of IDEO discusses “designers thinking big” in his Ted Talk below
IDEO have two great initiatives that stimulate this way of human centred designing – one is the “Human Centred Design toolkit”, giving guidance for facilitating design for society, taking into account the users and environments the designs are targeting.

The second is a process for iterating concepts to find the best solution. Facilitated by “open IDEO” - inspirations, concepts and evaluations of ideas are worked through in a collaborative way. Innovation concepts to use public voices such as crowdsourcing and crowdfunding have already enabled great new achievements in global business and livelihoods… IDEO are demonstrating the use of these crowd concepts and proving that their “open innovation” is a collaborative and sucessful method to meet new and pressing global issues.

Louise Bloom

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